Friday, September 17

Calling Guys - Should We Ever Call Them First?

Calling Guys - Should We Ever Call Them First?

Ever been stuck in the position of wanting to get a hold of a guy first, but having a gut feeling that it wouldn't be in your best interest? Sure you've been there, all girls have.

Then to gain some clarity, you know we turn to our friends to ask them for their opinion. We are then left more confused. While one friend says to go for it, another says to wait until he calls. These mixed words of wisdom cause you to want to pull your hair out, eh?

The whole point of deciding whether or not to call up a guy first (or text, or email) is because we don't want to kill his attraction. We also want to create and build the attraction. We want that first phone call to turn into more attention.

Sure we think this is the modern era and so what if girls contact guys first, or contact them at all. However, chivalry exists in biology and with that a guy will most be attracted to that which he has to work for.

So even if you think calling him up doesn't necessarily mean you are interested, but rather you just want to get to know him, it's still a huge enough signal that you're interested.

Don't take this the wrong way. There are some guys out there that love when a women contacts them first. We are always hoping that the guy we want is one of 'those'. But when they love when we call is it more of a stroke to the ego, or a genuine interest in us?

We don't want to ask ourselves why he didn't call back, if we end up leaving him a message. And asking 'what if?' sounds like more harm than good.

At least when a guy calls us up first, we have no doubt but to assume he's interested - otherwise he wouldn't have called! And sometimes knowing just that is good enough.
Check out Calling Guys - Is It Ever A Good Idea To Call Men First? - my latest published article on EzineArticles, for more on this very discussion.

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Saturday, August 21

Why He Didn't Call You After A Great First Date

Why He Didn't Call You After A Great First Date

So there you are with a new guy on your first date, things couldn't be going more swell.

The date is seemingly perfect.

You are both engaged in some good conversation, and it looks like the attraction sparks are flying.

You don't notice any red flags during the date, and you feel as though you are presenting yourself quite well.

Eye contact is comfortable, and body language is relaxed.

Though he's not outright saying he's having a good time, neither are you. And nobody's asking anyway.

You feel you are both on the same page, and hitting it off.

It's a given that you will see each other again.

When you part ways, perhaps he doesn't initiate a kiss. This is no big deal you think, lots of guys don't. Besides, sometimes it's best to wait.

You think you'll hear from him that night, perhaps via a cute text message.

Nothing then, and nothing days later...

No message, no text, no call.

You wonder what the heck could have happened. You both were feeling it on the date, weren't you? But obviously you judged his good time, as being INTO you.

So how could you have gotten it wrong that you were hitting it off? What signs did you miss that would have let you know he's just not feeling it?

How could he be so perceptive towards you and have given you the impression that things were going well?

Sure, he didn't lead you on by saying that you're a match, or that you will see each other again. But still...

He didn't call!

Check out Why He Didn't Call You After A Great First Date for even more insight into why the first date didn't go onto a second.


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Friday, August 13

Why He Didn't Call - Welcome

Why He Didn't Call

Welcome to my Why He Didn't Call Blog!

I am so excited to have this as my latest addition in helping women navigate the frustrations of why men don't call and how the heck you should best handle this!

This topic hits pretty close to home for me.

No matter how much I've learned over the years, it doesn't fail that I carry my cell phone around and check it infectiously. You'd think I was waiting for a call from a lottery corporation.

Then there's that excitement when the phone finally rings, and I'm anticipating a call, text, or message (anything!) from "my guy", only to find out it's MOM!


I'm sure if you're a woman, you can relate.

What's more frustrating then waiting and waiting for him to call is knowing that I'm WAITING for him to call!

I know better than to be waiting around. But it's like I can't help it.

The call means so much!

This is why I created this free you from the insanity of waiting for "some guy" to contact you, all the while as he goes about his busy day whistling and skipping about.

Let me bring you some freedom!

If there's anything you need (well, I can't actually twist his arm to get him to call you), just let me know!


Why He Didn't Call

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