Friday, September 17

Calling Guys - Should We Ever Call Them First?

Calling Guys - Should We Ever Call Them First?

Ever been stuck in the position of wanting to get a hold of a guy first, but having a gut feeling that it wouldn't be in your best interest? Sure you've been there, all girls have.

Then to gain some clarity, you know we turn to our friends to ask them for their opinion. We are then left more confused. While one friend says to go for it, another says to wait until he calls. These mixed words of wisdom cause you to want to pull your hair out, eh?

The whole point of deciding whether or not to call up a guy first (or text, or email) is because we don't want to kill his attraction. We also want to create and build the attraction. We want that first phone call to turn into more attention.

Sure we think this is the modern era and so what if girls contact guys first, or contact them at all. However, chivalry exists in biology and with that a guy will most be attracted to that which he has to work for.

So even if you think calling him up doesn't necessarily mean you are interested, but rather you just want to get to know him, it's still a huge enough signal that you're interested.

Don't take this the wrong way. There are some guys out there that love when a women contacts them first. We are always hoping that the guy we want is one of 'those'. But when they love when we call is it more of a stroke to the ego, or a genuine interest in us?

We don't want to ask ourselves why he didn't call back, if we end up leaving him a message. And asking 'what if?' sounds like more harm than good.

At least when a guy calls us up first, we have no doubt but to assume he's interested - otherwise he wouldn't have called! And sometimes knowing just that is good enough.
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